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Digital X-rays in Newmarket

Dental xrays at Newmarket Dental

Did you know that images of your teeth were drawn out of film X-rays which had to be processed using chemicals? Dentists could only share findings with others by printing the images and mailing them to the other party!

This process is very time-consuming and thankfully, digital dental radiography has come a long way to modernize how dental x-rays are done today. Instead of using film, digital X-rays have electronic sensors which take images and store them in a computer where they can be viewed immediately by the dentist in the clinic or shared with someone else.

Digital x-rays emit extremely low levels of radiation. This makes them a safe and more efficient option in comparison to traditional X-rays. They are able to provide our Newmarket dentists with significant information on the condition of your teeth and gums. They are extremely valuable tools in the diagnosis and treatment of dental issues and allows for our Newmarket dental team to detect any issues and prevent any further complications.

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