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Dental Cleanings in Newmarket

Dental cleanings at Newmarket Dental

The best way to maintain your oral health is with dental cleaning and scaling appointments to ensure a bright and beautiful smile. Our licensed Newmarket dental hygienists will provide professional dental care to not only deep clean your teeth but also to examine your oral health condition for any signs of oral diseases at our Newmarket dental office.

A typical appointment at our Newmarket dental office will consist of your hygienist scaling your teeth and clearing any plaque, tartar, and other debris that may be present around your teeth and gums. Consult our Newmarket hygienists to see how often to visit us.

Gum disease is known to be a gum infection that is caused by plaque, a bacterial film. When plaque accumulates and hardens, it becomes tartar. Tartar can irritate your gums and cause swelling, bleeding, and gum recession. If these issues progress, gum disease can lead to other issues such as bone recession and teeth loss. Gum disease has also been associated with increased risks of stroke, heart disease, respiratory issues, osteoporosis, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and dementia. Professional dental cleanings can remove tartar buildup that your daily routine cannot clean.

Dental hygiene appointments are important to not only stay on top of your oral health but to also check for any underlying issues to prevent future issues. Regular dental appointments have some great benefits which include:

  • Prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and other dental conditions
  • A professional cleaning will deep clean areas where brushing your teeth and flossing may not be able to reach
  • Improve your sense of taste
  • Freshen up your breath
  • Remember that daily brushing and flossing should be maintained to minimize the amount of plaque and bacteria build-up.
  • Book a dental cleaning appointment our Newmarket dental office today and get a full examination of your oral health.